Mahi amaru | Good Work

Everyone deserves good work - work that is secure and pays well, provides lifelong opportunities, fosters health and wellbeing, enables people to have a voice in the workplace, and contributes to a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Aotearoa used to be committed to the idea of full employment, but now working people are expected to bear the brunt of a broken economy - there is persistent unemployment and insecure work, and workers’ rights keep getting chipped away.

We can no longer accept a reality that sees people killed due to unsafe working conditions, migrant workers exploited and kaimahi Māori discriminated against, working people without power in their workplace, and no income protection for people who lose their jobs.

An Aotearoa for the many means all working people are in good, well-paid, safe and secure work. Work that has a lasting positive impact on the worker, the employer, and the wider community. Work that enhances the mana and dignity of all working people.